‘Tracks Of Life,’ A New Music Show from Dr. Phil’s Network

Music is a portal for most of us to relive important moments in our life. Whether that is a summer day that won’t ever end or your first love, a song can evoke emotion and nostalgia like many other pieces of pop culture can’t.

“Tracks Of Life” is a new project from Dr. Phil’s team featuring his son, Jordan McGraw, as the host. In each episode the guest discusses a particular song in their life that made a lasting impact. Expect to hear from famous personalities as wide-ranging as Pusha-T and Jordan’s TV host dad. This particular show is akin to “Song Exploder,” “All Songs Considered” and “Switched On Pop.”

With the entire Dr. Phil marketing team behind this show, we are bullish on its success.  Get in contact today to reserve space for yourself or your clients. 

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