Results from Midroll’s Newest Listener Survey Are Awesome

At Midroll we want our advertisers to make informed choices about the podcasts they select, while advancing the podcast industry. That’s why we conduct the industry’s largest ongoing survey of podcast listeners, to learn who they are, their listening habits, and how they spend their money. Survey results break down show-by-show so that Midroll advertisers know fine-grained demographics for each.

We surveyed 168,500 listeners from June through October 2015 and have published the results in our second annual white paper, “Podcasts by the Numbers.”

These are some of the highlights.

Podcast listeners are:

  • Affluent, and have disposable income. 22% have an annual household income of $100,000 or more.
  • Educated, and they read a lot. Half have a bachelor’s or higher degree, and 53% spend at least $132 a year on books an e-books. (By comparison, in 2014 the average US consumer spent just $32.18 a year.)
  • Engaged and responsive. 61% report buying a product or service they heard about on a podcast ad.
  • Diverse and representative. As the audience grows, it diversifies, looking more like the demographics of the United States as a whole.
  • Loyal to their favorite shows. 88% listen to most or all episodes of the podcasts they subscribe to.

In the full report we have data on what podcast listeners spend on products like pet supplies, nutritional supplements, and even gluten-free foods. We also highlight the shows with a large percentage of female listeners and African-American listeners, along with podcasts with big 18–24 audiences, and those with a significant number of managers, directors, or executives tuning in.

Check out the full report now — it’s awesome!

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  1. Fred D.

    Thanks for the data. Interesting. How many of the 168,500 listeners whom you surveyed were actual respondents to this survey? Or, does n = 168,500?


  2. Paul Riismandel

    That’s how many responses we received. So, yes, n=168,500.


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