Podcasts: The Perfect Antidote to Ad Blockers

The use of ad blocking software in the US increased 48% during the last year, according to a recent report by PageFair and Adobe. In Q2 2015 16% of the US online population blocked ads, and that number is expected to continue rising. Dr. Johnny Ryan, PageFair’s head of ecosystem, told Business Insider, “Ad blocking is a viral phenomenon that will continue.”

Apple is including ad blocking technology in the next iteration of iOS — the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads. Moreover, ad-blocking software company Ghostery says it’s seen the number of users running its browser plugin explode in 2015.

If all this news has you fretting about your display ad campaigns going unseen, please let us suggest the perfect antidote: podcast ads.

Here are 5 reasons why podcast ads beat display ads, especially in the ad-block era:

1. Podcast ads are immune to ad blockers.
Podcast ads are not like radio commercials, they’re read by hosts as part of the show. Because they’re so well integrated a plug-in or bot can’t strip them out.
2. Listeners enjoy podcast ads.
Hosts read our ads, putting their own personal spin on them, often making them as interesting and funny as anything else in that episode. That means listeners want to hear the ads, and they pay attention. ( Learn how Scott Aukerman and Lauren Lapkus create ads that both advertisers and listeners love. )
3. With podcasts all tracking is obvious, upfront and voluntary.
While we understand that many advertisers wish for better tracking, podcast advertisers have done very well using offer codes, custom URLs, and check-out surveys. Plus, cookie-based tracking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be–50% of people polled by PageFair/Adobe said that they would use an ad blocker if they feel that their “personal data is being misused.” By comparison, podcast listeners choose whether or not to be tracked.
4. We keep podcast ad density much, much lower.
Internet users are getting tired of being bombarded by more and more ads. 41% told PageFair/Adobe that an increase in the quantity of ads would propel them to use an ad blocker. However, podcast listeners don’t feel the need to block ads because we make sure to limit the number of spots to no more than five per episode. That’s really low compared to radio, and in a whole different ballpark than display ads. Plus, we’ll never book your ad in the same episode as a competitor, and be sure they don’t run in back-to-back episodes, either.
5. Podcasts are popular with audiences who block display ads.
PageFair/Adobe’s report says that users of gaming sites are the biggest blockers, at 26.5% of all users. 17% of tech site users block ads, and 15.5% of sports site users also do. Luckily for podcast advertisers, these are three categories with big and growing podcast audiences. (Check out Midroll’s selection of gaming, tech, and sports shows.)

One of the biggest reasons why the medium of podcasting is exploding is that podcast ads simply work. In fact, 63% of Midroll podcast listeners say they’ve bought something they heard about on a podcast ad. But potential customers can’t even buy from a display ad they never saw.

Don’t just take our word for it. 65% of Midroll advertisers say podcasts match or exceed the performance of display ads, and a full 100% of our very happy clients would recommend podcast advertising to a colleague.

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