“The Paris Review” Podcast Debuts November 8 – Hear a Trailer Now

The Paris Review is a venerated literary magazine, which introduced the world to famous writers like Jack Kerouac, Philip Roth and more.  And now, it’s a brand new Stitcher podcast, with ads available exclusively through Midroll.

The show is hosted by the magazine’s editor, Lorin Stein, and Brendan Francis Newman, known for his hosting duties of “The Dinner Party Download,” and features high-caliber talent like Jessie Eisenberg, Dakota Johnson, Stockard Channing and LeVar Burton reading literary gems. Some of the most respected authors and poets, like Maya Angelou, also will be heard reading their own work, alongside interviews and archival tape. It’s all complimented by a sophisticated and enveloping sound design that will keep listeners engaged.

The show targets an existing audience that is affluent and likes to spend money on travel, food and fashion. The publication is also impressively savvy in digital, with one million monthly pageviews and 910,000 Twitter followers.

“The Paris Review” podcast debuts November 8. You can listen to a trailer now.

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