Booking a Campaign – Choosing Spot Positions

An important consideration for choosing your spot position is the nature of your message: How much information do you need to convey to the listener, and how much explanation is necessary?

For instance, a tune-in campaign for a new feature film may not require more than a couple of lines of copy outlining the name, a quick plot synopsis, the top-line stars, and when it arrives in theaters. A pre-roll or post-roll spot can provide enough time to do it justice.

Perhaps you have a new product that requires a little more explanation of its unique features and benefits. A mid-roll spot is ideal, not only because they tend to be longer, but also because at that point listeners have settled in and are ready to take in a longer discussion.


Your choice of spot may be dictated by budget.

Both pre- and post-rolls each cost less than a mid-roll. However, a pre-roll, or especially a post-roll, is often most effective when paired with another spot on the show, raising your cost. So, in terms of exposure, a single mid-roll may be the best bang for your buck.

That said, if you need to economize with a lower CPM, then the pre-roll is probably your best bet.

Pro Tip:

It’s very common for advertisers to mix and match spot positions, too. Bonobos often runs a full, 60-second mid-roll ad their first week on a show, then works to keep their messaging top of mind with a few weeks of pre- rolls. Since they know listeners typically listen to nearly every episode, Bonobos can rely on intermittent mid-roll spots to give listeners the full message, with lower cost pre-rolls in between as reminders.

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