Matt Gourley Cusses Up a Brilliant Ad for Mack Weldon

The best podcast ads happen when hosts dig in and deliver the reads in their own singular manner. Understanding this, in the copy for their ad campaign, New York-based underwear company Mack Weldon specifically instructed,

“We want the ads to be done by the podcasters in their tone. So if they swear when describing our product, let them swear up a storm. We want them to talk about the product the way they want.”

Wolfpop’s I Was There Too host Matt Gourley took them at their word, using this counsel as the jumping off point for a hilarious ad read filled with idiosyncratic cussing (warning – though it’s mostly PG–13, if you don’t work at a podcast network, this may be NSFW):

The good people at Mack Weldon loved the ad, finding it to be one of the funniest podcast ads ever. We agree, which is why we’re sharing it.

Now, we also realize that such profane indulgences may not be a fit for every brand or campaign. Yet, the principle can still be applied universally–ad reads work best and are most memorable when you have hosts take ownership and imprint them with the signature style that endears them to their audience.

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