Mack Weldon: Podcast Ad Doubled Our Sales

Midroll advertiser Mack Weldon told Digiday that podcast advertising is now 25% of the company’s monthly ad budget. The reason is simple: results.

For instance, the company partnered with Comedy Bang! Bang! for an ad read during a live recording at SXSW. Paul F. Tompkins played a Mack Weldon executive and the company’s marketing manager Collin Willardson appeared on stage to play an underwear model.

Willardson told Digiday, “We’d worked with Comedy Bang Bang before, but the live read doubled our sales.”

We’re delighted to learn that, but not surprised. Mack Weldon sells a great product, and like this Comedy Bang! Bang! spot, the company has encouraged hosts to get creative and be themselves with ad reads.

“When we sign on shows, we ask the host to do what they feel is best for their audience and the show,” Willardson said. “They’re the ones talking to their audience in every episode, so they know what their audience likes and dislikes.”

Another great example of this winning strategy is an ad read from I Was There Too where Matt Gourley comes up with idiosyncratic and hilarious cuss words.

With great content like these reads, podcast listeners stay tuned in through the ads, unlike the “banner blindness” readers often experience with display ads. As Willardson noted, “We paid for native and display ads on online publications before, but we found that readers could easily get distracted by 48 things on the homepage.”

Other great advertisers, like Bombas and Fracture, get similar results that show how well podcast ads work. Podcasts are also driving spectacular recall for national brand advertisers.

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