Levar Burton Attracts Fresh Ears to His Podcast with Live Quarantine Readings

LeVar Burton Reads” has been attracting swaths of new listeners and plenty of press attention, thanks to the host’s efforts to keep people entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. Supplementing his hit podcast, he’s been taking to the internet to hold live sessions for fans eager to be soothed by the voice so many grew up hearing on “Reading Rainbow.”

In an interview withCBS This Morning,” Burton said, “I’d seen musicians and deejays step into the moment and [seize] the opportunity to make people feel better while we’re all locked down,” and, “I wanted to do something.” 

“Stories have a tendency to bring us together, much in the same way that music does,” he continued. “And [these live-streams] are designed to be an effort, like all reading aloud, that is food for the soul.”

Levar’s announcement sent the internet into a frenzy of excitement and prompted coverage from major outlets like People, Variety, Forbes, NBC and Smithsonian Magazine. Following his first live-stream reading of “We Can Get Them for You Wholesale” by Neil Gaiman, The Washington Post raved that, “Burton delivers the story with polish and precision, expressive but never distractingly so, careful to make the voices of characters feel distinctive, not over the top.”

But listeners of “Levar Burton Reads” are not only concerned with feeding their souls. In fact, these listeners are conscious shoppers who over-index for purchasing organic or eco-friendly products and shopping for groceries online. 

To be precise, 54% of listeners purchase organic groceries, and 39% purchase natural or organic personal care products. Moreover, this audience is 2x more likely to buy groceries online compared to the average household and 2.75x more likely to buy most of their groceries online! They are also nearly twice as likely to pay more for eco-friendly products and services than the average household.

These are just a few reasons why “Levar Burton Reads” is a great – and growing – audience for your next campaign. We can tell you even more when you get in touch to learn more. Don’t miss the opportunity to book for the new season, starting August 11.

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