Sports Podcaster Jonah Keri Returns & Midroll Has His Show

Podcast fans were saddened when author and sports writer Jonah Keri’s beloved show came to an end last fall as a result of ESPN shutting down Grantland. Now he’s back with The Jonah Keri Podcast, on Nerdist. That also means we at Midroll get to offer this great sports show to you.

Jonah is the author of the best-selling books Up, Up, and Away and The Extra 2%, and he covers baseball for Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports. On his podcast he interviews compelling people from the worlds of sports, entertainment and culture. Already he’s had guests like just-retired MLB pitcher Dan Haren, and veteran sports and political commentator Keith Olbermann.

Contact us with any questions or to get started with The Jonah Keri Podcast.

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