Igloo Software Highlights Their Podcast Ads in Q1 Report

Igloo Software offers what they call “an intranet you’ll actually like.” And to let everyone know how the first quarter of 2014 went for the company, they put together a graphic and fun “quarterly report you’ll actually like”. It highlights both typical business stats–like 239% sales growth–and more lighthearted metrics–like the 6,144 cups of coffee consumed in Q1.

Igloo also gives a shout-out to some of their favorite podcasts, which the company also advertises on. We’re glad to report that some of them–like Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire, Grammar Girl, Macworld Podcasts and DecodeDC–are on Midroll’s roster of great podcasts.

Igloo says, “Those ads worked pretty well,” because, “Every 15 minutes a new business starts using Igloo.”

So, thanks to Igloo for supporting great podcasts and telling the world about it. And congratulations for a great first quarter of 2014!

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