Day 2 Update

We had a very soft launch yesterday, which means today is day 2. We started work on our newsletter template, so we can start sending those out regularly, as soon as tomorrow or Monday. We already have 19 subscribers, thank you very much (and only 4 work for us)!

We’re preparing to start testing V2 on Monday, which has a scheduled go live of March 4th, although I’m skeptical of that date. I’m thinking more like March 18th to be honest, but don’t tell the team or they might slow down. V2′s biggest thing is the reporting feature. That needs to work first. Right now it’s Lauren and I on the spreadsheets. But to get the reporting to work, the stats need to work. And a bunch of other things too complicated and boring to get into here. But trust me, it will be amazing if it works 🙂

We have another 16 podcasts that are confirmed, but we are waiting for a few more pieces of info before they can be added to the directory. So that’s exciting.

I’m also working on getting some Q&A blog posts from experts in the podcast advertising community. Hopefully one or two next week.

Please provide any feedback you have here, we’d love to hear from you!

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