‘All-American: Tiger’ Is A New Kind Of Sports Podcast

The story of Tiger Woods has enormous appeal for many different audiences, whether they love him for his astounding success on the green, or lost respect for him due to his very public missteps in life off the green. The first season of “All-American,” Stitcher’s brand new series about prominent U.S. athletes, takes a look at the man behind the headlines to assess his impact on American culture and vice versa.

Like ESPN’s “30 for 30,” “All-American” is a unique kind of sports podcast in that it appeals not just to golf fans, but to any listener enthralled by the inherent drama in the lives of great athletes. Featured guests include Albert Chen of “Sports Illustrated,” Michael Collins of ESPN, “The New York Times’” Karen Crouse among others. 

“All American: Tiger” launches on August 20. Get in touch today to secure your inventory.

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