Advertisers Give 7 Reasons Why Podcast Ads Are Effective

We know podcast advertising works. The intimate and integrated nature of host-read podcast ads keeps listeners engaged. Hearing endorsements from their favorite podcasters gives them incentive to act.

But we don’t want you just to take our word for it.

We like to get feedback directly from Midroll advertisers. Lucky for us, many are willing to go on record about the effectiveness of their podcast ad campaigns.

Here are seven reasons why podcast advertising is effective, according to Midroll advertisers:

1. “Podcast ads gave us more room to tell our story in a more compelling way… All the data we have suggests that they are profitable”

Kate Huyett, Bombas Socks

2. “Podcasts help us stay at top-of-mind… generating more sales”

Yev Pusin, Backblaze Online Backup

3. “The great thing about podcasts is that we know exactly when the ads are running… Right now podcasts are the only place where we advertise”

Bryan DeLuca, Foot Cardigan

4. “We’ve seen two to three times the engagement in podcasts, than we’ve seen in radio”

Henry Hwong, Sling Media

5. “Podcasts were one of our most efficient methods for opportunity creation”

Marko Savic, Igloo Software

6. "We have positive ROI from our podcast sponsorships”

Greg Scown, Smile

7. “Podcast advertising works for us, and Midroll helps us maximize our return on investment”

Ilyas Frenkel, Squarespace

Isn’t it time to find out for yourself? Drop us a line to let our expert sales team help you design the perfect campaign for your marketing goals.

We promise a great experience, just like we delivered for Drinkwel CEO Mike McAdams. He said,

“When I ask for pricing I just get it. When I let them know what my budget is, I get things within my budget. It’s just a very straightforward experience and not overly salesy.”

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