7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Podcast Ads

1. Great hosts make great reads.

Instead of getting a typical 30-second pre- recorded audio spot, podcast listeners hear unique, live ad reads made personal by their favorite trusted hosts.

2. Podcast ads are native, integrated seamlessly into the show.

Great hosts create ad reads that are entertaining and engaging, making the spots part of the podcast, not a break.1

3. Listeners pay attention to podcast ads.

They don’t skip ads, because they don’t want to miss out on any part of the show. Fans often cite ad reads as some of their favorite moments. By comparison, when an ad comes on the radio, listeners jab at the preset button to change stations. Podcast listeners are opt-in; they intend to listen to the whole show.

“Podcast listeners are a highly dedicated, engaged audience. Just by being a podcast listener, you’re someone who cares enough to tune in on a regular basis. You’re more likely to be an informed resource for your colleagues or friend’s, podcasts attract people who are much more passionate, influencers.” -Marko Savic, Igloo Software

4. Listeners trust their favorite hosts.

They develop relationships with podcast personalities over the course of dozens of hours of intimate listening time. Listeners maintain those relationships because they trust the people they listen to every week.

5. Podcast ads are endorsements.

When a host presents your product or service, she is leveraging the trust that she has cultivated with her listener over time, and applying it to your brand or service. That’s why Midroll encourages hosts to only read ads for brands and products they believe in and can endorse sincerely.

6. Listeners buy products from podcast ads.

An amazing 63% of Midroll podcast listeners have bought a product they heard advertised on a podcast.1

7. Midroll advertisers report success using podcast ads:

“We’ve seen two to three times the engagement in podcasts, than we’ve seen in radio” –Henry Hwong, Sling Media

89% of Midroll advertisers consider their podcast ad campaigns in the previous 12 months to be a success.4

“We have positive ROI from our podcast sponsorships” –Greg Scown, Smile Software

91% of Midroll advertisers say podcast advertising offers good value.
“Podcasts were our number one marketing channel” –Herb Jones, Fracture

100% of Midroll advertisers would recommend podcast advertising to a colleague4.

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