The World of Phil Hendrie Joins Midroll

The World of Phil Hendrie is filled with a cast that sometimes seems too unbelievable to be true. Characters like intern Bud Dickman, security guard Robert Leonard and style consultant Margaret Grey join Hendrie to provoke him and entertain listeners.

But unlike your average program, all of them are products of Hendrie’s imagination and his amazing vocal talents, as he conjures them into a live conversation with each other and himself.

This year Hendrie left the broadcast airwaves and his daily show is now exclusively available by podcast, giving him the freedom to unleash the hilarity without restrictions. This also means only podcast advertisers can book spots on his program, to be read by the legend himself.

Midroll is pleased to match The World of Phil Hendrie with great advertisers. Contact us today to book your podcast ads on this hilarious show.

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