‘Wolverine: The Lost Trail’ Debuts In 2019

Wolverine.  Just the name evokes a passionate reaction from most pop culture connoisseurs. We are proud to bring you the second season of the Wolverine podcast called “Wolverine: The Lost Trail,” debuting this year.

It begins with Wolverine in New Orleans searching for his ex-lover, and an entire new adventure ensues – with the possible inclusion of other X-Men characters. The trailer sets the scene:

Receiving over 4.5 million downloads to date, the first season of “Wolverine” is a runaway hit. The series broke the mold for how a podcast should sound, with an A-list cast of voice actor talent (like Richard Armitage), recorded on location, not a studio, using an immersive surround sound technology that allows the actors to fully embody their characters.

In short, this is poised to be a blockbuster. We expect the same sort of devotion from listeners this season as we saw for the first.

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