When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonada

Lemonada is Midroll’s Latest Squeeze.

Born from a place of love and pain, Stephanie Wittels Wachs and Jessica Cordova Kramer created Lemonada as a space to share the unfiltered version of human experience through first-person narratives.

From shows that tap into parenting circles like “Good Kids” and “Tell Me What To Do” to educational programming like “Our America” and “In the Bubble,” Lemonada podcasts sort through all the ugliness, weirdness, awkwardness and darkness life can present for an educated, female-skewing audience.

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Our America—Julián Castro draws on his own experiences—growing up in a low-income household, becoming Mayor of San Antonio, leading Housing and Urban Development for President Obama and running for President himself—to explore the manner in which issues like poverty, race, gender and immigration status shape our nation. Launches September 10.

Good Kids—For 15 minutes each week, a diverse set of parents, teachers, current kids and extraordinary former kids (adults) grab the mic and offer relevant advice on shaping good humans. This isn’t just another parenting podcast, it’s a manual that has attracted an audience of millennial moms and dads. New season launches September 29.

Last Day—With a focus on massive epidemics like the opioid crisis, ‘Last Day’ zooms in on a person’s last day of life, exploring how they got there and how we, as a society, have gotten here. Host, author and Lemonada co-founder Stephanie Wittels Wachs confronts these subjects with humanity, wit and a quest for progress. The all-new season begins October 14.


In The Bubble—Between the global pandemic, social isolation and economic uncertainty, all of us have been left scrambling to understand our new normal. From his own bubble and with the help of leading scientists, healthcare expert Andy Slavitt is making it his mission to give his highly-educated audience critical information as well as hope for a path forward.

Tell Me What to Do—An expansion of her wildly popular daily Facebook series #cawfeetawk, ‘Tell Me What to Do’ connects Bravo star and best-selling author Jaime Primak Sullivan with an audience of affluent moms who are in search of real, practical, no-nonsense advice about life-ing, wife-ing and the nonsense we call balance. This is the audio advice column that everyone needs.

In Recovery—Host Dr. Nzinga Harrison is a physician board-certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine. She believes in a comprehensive, compassionate approach to treating addiction. Whether it’s heroin, pain pills, alcohol, food, sex or anything under the sun, she’s helping her female-majority audience shift their thinking from 28 days to recovery for life.


As Me with Sinéad—How do we unlearn negativity? What’s the first step towards becoming more empathetic? Each week, academic, TED alum and advocate Sinéad Burke leads candid conversations with diverse, notable guests who explain what it’s like to be them and challenge the show’s listeners to confront their own biases.

Mouthpeace—Hosted by NFL defensive lineman Michael Bennett and food advocate Pele Bennett invites an audience comprised mostly of married women into the couple’s professional and private lives to take on topics ranging from sitting out the national anthem to authoring a children’s book and parenting three daughters. Nothing is out of reach for this duo.



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