Weekly Update: New Ringer Show, ‘Bad With Money’ Season 4, and more

We are back for another week of pure bliss when it comes to new podcasts. Great to see you. See below for the shows you need to know.

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Brand New Shows

Factually! with Adam Conover
The host of “Adam Ruins Everything” brings his natural curiosity to Earwolf and dives deep into subjects like Constitutional law and gun control with experts in their respective fields. It’s serious, but fun.

Tea Time (The Ringer)
A pop culture deep dive by The Ringer’s Liz Kelly and other Ringer staff about topics like, “Do celebrities really read the books they carry around?” and “Is Taylor Swift releasing new music soon?”

Bad With Money
Host Gaby Dunn brings her hit show back for a fourth season of insightful and real discussions about money, without complication.


Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad
Wow, this show has exploded! It’s already taken up residence in the top 10 and getting press from the likes of Vulture, Fortune and the A/V Club. Make sure this is on your radar.

Just Between Us
Best friends Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn launched their new show in March and it’s topping the charts with a loyal and engaged female audience.

Perennial Favorites

Freakonomics Radio
The show that takes everyday ideas and turns them on their heads. Host Stephen Dubner (author of the book series by the same name) has attracted such a devoted fanbase that all brands must take note.

Comedy Bang Bang
CBB is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in April – and 600th episode in May – and shows no sign of slowing down. A continual favorite on media plans due to Scott Aukerman’s creative and native reads.

WTF with Marc Maron
Hot off the heels of his 1,000th episode Marc Maron keeps the quality of his show at an all time high with recent guests like Rob Lowe, Mandy Moore and Aaron Sorkin, to name just a few. Marc continues to bring all types of clients into his show with well crafted reads.

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