‘Unfinished: Deep South’ Investigates the Murder of Isadore Banks

In the spring of 2019, a billboard situated along I-55 near Marion, Arkansas posed a single question: “Who lynched Isadore Banks?” The story was picked up by CNN, leaving people across the country to wonder about this dark, historical mystery.

One year later, award-winning reporters Neil Shea (PBS, National Geographic) and Taylor Hom (NYTimes, CNN) are attempting to answer that very question in the latest production by Stitcher’s Witness Docs Network: “Unfinished: Deep South,” premiering June 29th.

One of the nation’s oldest unsolved civil rights cases, this investigation into the gruesome murder of World War I veteran Isadore Banks is sure to capture the attention of the same highly-educated, millennial audience that tuned into hit shows like This American Life’s “S-Town.” Get in touch today to secure your inventory!

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