Think You Know the TV Show ‘COPS?’ Think Again.

The host and producer of “Missing Richard Simmons” is back with an all-new series that digs deep into a cultural phenomenon that has captured the public’s attention for over thirty years.

Everyone knows the TV show “COPS.” It’s always on and seems like the perfect example of background noise. Underneath the outrageous behavior and seemingly real crimes on the show, things aren’t as publicly portrayed. Host Dan Taberski and his team decided to take a deeper look and found more than they ever imagined.

With the first season of “Headlong: Missing Richard Simmons” Taberski demonstrated his talent for tapping into the popular consciousness and tweaking people’s curiosity. That show was a true pop culture event, reaching a much more mainstream audience – and press – than even “Serial.”

“Running from COPS” is poised to capture the same creative energy and public intrigue. It will be released in the same “Headlong” feed to help generate that interest.

The season launches April 23. Listen to the trailer today.

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