Talenti’s Delicious Details Stick with Podcast Listeners

Can you imagine: Just how many raspberries does it take to break the machine that makes your favorite sorbetto?

That’s the image the hosts of “Gastropod” and “Spilled Milk” asked listeners to picture in their mind, as they extolled the virtues of the fresh ingredients inside every container of Unilever’s Talenti brand of gelatos and sorbettos. They asked listeners questions, like:

Did they need to use so many raspberries in their Roman Raspberry Sorbetto that the machine broke?

Did they need to try 25 different chai teas to find the perfect spice blend for their Vanilla Chai gelato?

Did they have to invent giant mint steepers to make their Mediterranean Mint super-minty?

Those vivid details stick in listeners’ heads.

But that claim about stickiness is not conjecture, it’s a fact–just like the story about a bushel of berries breaking the churn. We know, because we tested it.

74% of Gastropod and Spilled Milk listeners were able to recall a feature of Talenti gelato from the ad they heard.

Talenti Survey Slide

And those delicious descriptions had serious impact on their appetite for the dessert. In that survey of 608 listeners, 71% said they were somewhat or much more likely to buy Talenti after hearing the ad.

Podcasts deliver yummy results like this because podcast hosts are experts in their field. In this case, “Gastropod” and “Spilled Milk” are food shows, and listeners trust the hosts when they testify that a product is fresh, wholesome and delicious.

All the more impressive is that these results were generated by short 30-second pre-roll spots.

The lessons are clear: take a great brand story, and trust engaging podcast storytellers to tell it.

Equip them with vivid features and descriptions, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

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