Stitcher Welcomes Bill Nye’s New Podcast, ‘Science Rules’

Imagine this scene: you are back in high school and in your hardest class of the day, SCIENCE. What if you had a lifeline in which you could call a trusted advisor to help you out of a pickle? Take this simple idea and add world-famous smart guy, Bill Nye, and you have the premise for “Science Rules.”

Bill Nye and his co-host Corey Powell are here to field all of your burning questions like, “How often do I really need to change my pillowcase?” to “Can I harvest the energy created from all the static electricity I create in the winter?”

Bill Nye has been a guest on episodes of “StarTalk Radio,” “You Made It Weird,” “Art of Charm” and many other popular podcasts, so audiences have been craving for him to get a show of his own.

Capturing the fun and insightful nature that you have come to know and love from Bill Nye, we expect big things from this show that launches on May 16th. Check out the awesome trailer here.

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