Midroll Helps Squarespace Maximize ROI on Podcast Ads

Squarespace logoAny podcast listener knows what a huge presence Squarespace has in the medium. The company is a podcast advertising pioneer, betting on the unique engagement of the platform when very few companies had taken the leap. Over the course of some seven years Squarespace’s sponsorship has helped dozens upon dozens of podcasters focus on their art while keeping their shows free for listeners.

At Midroll we’re big fans of Squarespace and we really appreciate the company’s ongoing support for so many of the great podcasts on our roster. We’re also glad to report that the feeling is mutual.

We recently asked Squarespace Marketing Coordinator Ilyas Frenkel to give us a quick quote about our service. He said,

“Podcast advertising works for us, and Midroll helps us maximize our return on investment. They help us find great podcasts for our campaigns and make our ads work.”

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