These Spooky Shows Are Popular with Young, Highly Educated Women

We’re lucky to have two of the most popular and innovative storytelling podcasts on the Midroll roster. But you don’t have to take out word for it.

These shows from Pacific Northwest Stories have received some good press. The Atlantic recently featured “The Black Tapes” in an article on “The Rise of the Horror Podcast.” Vice’s Motherboard reviewed it along with sister show “TANIS,” saying they have, “the kind of self-referential, dense mystery that demands your entire attention.”

Both are strong performers with big audiences full of young, highly educated women.

The Black Tapes” consistently ranks in the iTunes top 40. 59% of listeners are women, 66% have a bachelor’s or higher degree, and 72% are 18 to 34 years old.

TANIS” has an audience that is 55% female, 66% college educated, and 79% 18 to 34.

Both shows continue to grow rapidly, which means now is a good time to book.

We also have more storytelling and horror podcasts that you should consider:

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