Splitsider Calls ‘Pistol Shrimps Radio’ an “Extraordinary Success”

Earwolf and Midroll just welcomed “Pistol Shrimps Radio,” a podcast that Splitsider’s Nathan Rabin calls, “hilarious and lovable and scruffily human and addictive.” It’s created by two fan-favorite hosts, Matt Gourley and Mark McConville, both members of the beloved podcast comedy group Superego.

On the show Matt and Mark deliver all the thrilling action of Pistol Shrimps basketball from courtside at the Los Angeles Women’s Rec League games. For real. And these venerable sports acknowledgers improvise not just the calls, but also everything they know about the sport.

That’s why Rabin says, “‘Pistol Shrimps Radio’ offers some of the funniest clueless announcing since Fred Willard took to the microphone in ‘Best In Show.'”

Matt Gourley is also an advertiser favorite because of his singularly entertaining, hilarious, and effective ad reads on the Earwolf show, “I Was There Too.”

Let Matt and Mark work some courtside magic for your brand. Drop us a line to learn more about advertising on “Pistol Shrimps Radio.”

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