Something I love about podcast ads: LIFX and Marc Maron

An advertiser reached out LIFX bulbto me on Twitter recently, looking to advertise on WTF with Marc Maron. The advertiser is a fan of the show — which always helps! — and he also really appreciated Marc’s large audience size.

The product itself was LIFX, a Wi-Fi-enabled light bulb with crazy features like lasting 27 years, support for shining in millions of colors, and ability to be controlled from your smartphone.

All that’s great: A buyer finding me on Twitter, a cool product that’s going to appeal to tech-savvy listeners. But what I really loved about the whole thing was that Marc really made the spot his own.

It was his July 3 episode with guest Rosanne Cash. Marc’s a professional; he mostly stuck to the bullet points from the advertiser. But he also managed to insert his own personality into the spot, making it more appealing and engaging to his listeners — which surely led to even better results for LIFX.

You can list to the spot right here: Marc Maron’s LIFX ad. And if you’re an advertiser who wants in on this, contact me today.

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