Smile’s Podcast Sponsorships Have a Positive ROI

Smile SoftwareSmile produces productivity apps for Mac and iOS, like TextExpander and PDFpen, that make you wonder how you ever got anything done before using them. The company has seen success advertising its products on podcasts.

Founder Greg Scown explained, “We choose hosts who know our products and shows with audiences we’d like to reach. For example, our products have been available in German since they originally shipped. Bits und So offered us an opportunity to promote them to an engaged, German-speaking audience with an interest in OS X and iOS software. Timo, Bastian, and their co-hosts are familiar with Smile and our products and use them daily, so they can speak knowledgeably to their audience.”

Greg said that, “Yes, we have positive ROI from our podcast sponsorships.”

In Smile’s experience, a campaign on a particular podcast needs to run three to six months in order to determine if that show is working well for your brand or product.

“Ideally, find a host/show which you feel is a good fit and commit for a year,” Greg advised. “Gather data on how your customers found you, and run the numbers at around month nine when you’re determining whether or not to renew.”

He said that longer campaigns work well. “Making a long-term commitment to a show tends to result in higher quality, more knowledgeable reads and greater host engagement.”

Greg observed, “There are a lot of great podcasts and hosts out there.” So, his advice is, “Find one which fits well with your company, product, or service, and commit to engaging with them to make the most of your sponsorship.”

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