Sling Media Saw 2 to 3x More Engagement from Podcast Ads vs. Radio

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When Sling Media was ready to give podcast advertising a try, the company put the platform in a three-month head-to-head test against terrestrial radio. According to Henry Hwong, interim Chief Marketing Officer, the results were clear.

“We’ve seen two to three times the engagement in podcasts, than we’ve seen in radio,” he said.

Henry is consulting with Sling through his role at SeriesC, a management consultancy firm. Working with Midroll, Sling ran ads on nine shows, including Hollywood Babble-On, How Did This Get Made? and WTF with Marc Maron.

He explained that with podcast ads there’s a real advantage with host reads. “There’s an aspect of endorsement.”

To help make that endorsement real and authentic, “We also want the host to be able to use the product,” Henry said. “For every host that we engaged, we sent a Slingbox over for them to use.”

Given this experience, Henry concluded, “Depending on the client, we would seriously recommend using podcasts as an effective form of advertising, especially compared to radio.”

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