‘Sleep with Me’ Appeals to Educated Moms

Most podcasts don’t want listeners to doze off. “Sleep With Me” is the exception. It’s the show designed to help you forget your problems and lull you off to dreamland, three times a week.

That ingenious concept combined with effective execution has won the show an impressive audience, along with write ups in the New York Times, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, and Mentalfloss. Vice Motherboard writer Roisin Kiberd observed, “There’s a sense of nocturnal community to the show, extending far beyond the listener’s solitary eardrums.”

But don’t worry that the audience will snooze through your ad. We only book pre-rolls on “Sleep With Me,” with two per episode. That means your product and brand will be one of the last things on their minds as listeners drift off.

The show also has great target demographics: 71% of listeners are female, 63% have children, and 70% are college educated.

Get in touch to learn more about the demos and buying habits of “Sleep with Me” listeners, and to get started advertising on this great show.

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