See Midroll’s Podcast Industry Experts at Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement is shaping up to be this year’s most anticipated event for podcasters and producers. The conference organizers have invited a top-notch line-up of podcasting all-stars to come together in Fort Worth, Texas this coming weekend, August 1 and 2.

So, we’re quite pleased that Midroll’s Chief Content Officer Chris Bannon and EVP of Sales and Development Lex Friedman, as well as Wolfpop host and producer Franklin Leonard will be speaking. All the more exciting is that Midroll CEO Adam Sachs will be interviewing Marc Maron for the Sunday morning keynote.

If you’re attending Podcast Movement you don’t want to miss any of their podcasting wisdom. To help out, here’s an overview of when and where to catch them.

Saturday, August 1

How to Monetize Your Show without Selling Your Soul
1:20 PM in Audible Room A

Lex will help you take your podcast from a passionate pastime to a serious business, by sharing the best practices for taking your podcast to the next level by helping you get down to the business of podcasts while retaining your show’s au natural authenticity.

Sunday, August 2

A Conversation with Marc Maron
10:05 AM in Audible Keynote Stage

Adam has the great privilege of leading this discussion with Marc, who is responsible for one of the most popular and acclaimed podcasts in the history of the medium, WTF. They’ll talk about the art and business of podcasting, and what comes next after interviewing the President of the United States.

The Black List’s Rules of Engagement: Breaking Off to Break Out
11:15 AM in Audible Room B

An innovative film executive, Franklin will share how he continues to cultivate a growing audience that remains engaged in a new medium with the popular, but unexplored show format of Wolfpop’s The Black List Table Reads. He’ll cover why an audio experience was the next logical step for The Black List, how was he able to creatively partner Paul Scheer and Midroll to launch his show on Wolfpop, and crucial take-aways about audience development for Black List communities across the digital landscape.

Panel: Making Podcast Sponsorships Work
12:05 PM in Panel Room by Hot Pod

Lex shares this panel with Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income podcast and Sarah van Mosel of WNYC. Moderator Erik Harrison of Aweber will lead the discussion around topics like: Is getting a sponsor right for your show? What’s the right recipe for monetizing your podcast? What do you need to measure?

Building Audience & Finding Followers. The A-CB’s of Storytelling in a Digital World
1:45 PM in Audible Room A

Chris tackles audience development, a constant necessity for content creators looking to grow their audiences. He will present the deep understanding, perspective and expertise gained from his experience leading development of Freakonomics Radio and overseeing some of the most successful programs in public radio, including the Peabody Award-winning Leonard Lopate Show and The Brian Lehrer Show, in addition to Soundcheck, Studio 360, and Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin.

Panel: Podcasting – Past, Present and Future
3:25 PM in Panel Room by Hot Pod

Chris participates in this panel looking at the most important developments in podcasting today and exploring how the past and present is impacting the future direction of podcasting. Podcasting veteran Rob Greenlee with Spreaker moderates, with additional panelists Andy Bowers (Slate / Panoply), Kerri Hoffman (PRX / Radiotopia), and Todd Pringle (Stitcher).

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