Saying Farewell To An Unforgettable Year (Finally)

Though there are many things about this year that we’d soon forget, there have also been some milestones worth celebrating!

Over the course of 2020, we at Midroll…

  • Reached and maintained the largest share of the U.S. podcast audience, per Edison Podcast Consumer Tracker.
  • Demonstrated that host-read podcast ads outperform announcer-read ads with nearly 2x more significant lifts on important brand health measures.
  • Sold ads for more unique advertisers and brands than any other US podcast network, from January 1 through November 30, per
  • Served a record high 1.8 Billion podcast downloads.

Needless to say, despite the challenges this year brought, the future of podcasting looks bright. Contact your seller or email to secure inventory for your next campaign.


That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast—From the producers of “My Favorite Murder” comes a new Exactly Right show called “That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast.” Each week, comedians and amateur detectives Liza Treyger (“Late Night with Seth Meyers”) and Kara Klenk (Comedy Central’s “Broad City”) break down episodes of “Law & Order: SVU,” diving deep into the true crimes they’re based on for a female-majority audience.

Is We Dumb?—In comedian Dan Cummins’ (“Timesuck”, “Scared to Death”) latest endeavor, he joins forces with seasoned outdoorsman Joe Paisley to break down all of the dumb things people do, say or sell online. Each episode, Cummins and Paisley offer their audience of millennial men an hour plus of escapist laughs — being sure to make fun of themselves as often as they make fun of strangers.

Doing Justice—From CAFE, the creators of the award-winning show “Stay Tuned with Preet,” comes a new narrative podcast. Based on host and CNN legal analyst Preet Bharara’s bestselling book, “Doing Justice” explores the key elements of a case from the perspective of the prosecutor. These are true stories with twists and turns that are sure to capture an audience of highly-educated Gen X-ers.

The Premium Pete Show—Since the death of his close friend and former co-host Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse, Premium Pete has been keeping the spirit of the wildly popular “The Combat Jack Show” alive with his own “The Premium Pete Show.” Featuring thoughtful conversations with a unique mix of hip-hop luminaries and legendary underworld figures, “The Premium Pete Show” is a must-listen for its diverse audience of millennial men.



Unspooled—Named one of the best podcasts of 2020 by Rolling Stone, “Unspooled” is your go-to guide on what to watch next. Each week, comedian Paul Scheer (“How Did This Get Made?“) and film critic Amy Nicholson add another title to their carefully curated list of all-time greatest movies, dissecting their favorite scenes and chatting with some of the actors and directors who worked on the picture.

Good Kids—As we assess whether the children in our lives can be categorized under “naughty” or “nice,” it’s worth asking… What is a “good” kid? For 15 minutes each week, Lemonada’s “Good Kids” invites a diverse set of parents, teachers, policy makers and current kids to grab the mic and offer relevant advice on shaping good humans. This isn’t just another parenting podcast, it’s a manual.



StarTalk Radio—Feeling starry-eyed after this week’s ‘Great Conjunction’? On the critically-acclaimed “StarTalk Radio,” bestselling-author and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson brings his audience of affluent and inquisitive millennials a healthy mix of science, pop culture and comedy. With 13.5 million+ Twitter followers, Tyson makes complex science ideas understandable — aided by guests like Katy Perry and Elon Musk.

Ologies—Another incredible show for life-long learners: “Ologies” offers its audience of highly-educated women a pocket full of science knowledge plus charming and bizarre stories about what fuels professional ologists’ obsessions — from volcanoes to funerals to bees to Egypt. Hosted by humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward.


Thanks to all of our partners, hosts and podcast fanatics across the world. See you in 2021.

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