We Say Hello to Talk Nerdy and Turning This Car Around

The Midroll is glad to announce the addition of two more great podcasts.

Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa MariaOn Talk Nerdy host Cara Santa Maria sits down with interesting people who may or may not be on your radar, but should be. She is a science educator, television host and journalist who engages her guests in candid conversations on topics like science, politics, religion and more.

Turning this Car AroundThree dads discuss the ups and downs of parenthood on Turning This Car Around. Jon Armstrong is the impetus for the show. He’s a long time blogger, web/business developer and photographer, though this is his first time hosting a podcast. Joining him are fellow dads Lex Friedman, executive vice president of sales and development for The Midroll and co-host of the movie podcast Not Playing, and John Moltz, who you may know as a person on the internet (and so much more).

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