Sarah Van Mosel Discusses ‘Getting Podcast Measurement Right’

Measuring podcast advertising success is always a top priority for buyers. So everyone in attendance at the 4th Annual RAIN Podcast Business Summit was all ears when Matt Drengler of Claritas recalled the company’s first podcast attribution studies.

“We saw 30 to 40 to 50 percent lift [in attribution] and we’re not used to seeing that,” with other audio media, he told the crowd. “We said, ‘holy cow, this podcast thing is really driving incrementality!’ Consumers love the content and react well to advertisements.”

“Did you hear that?” asked Sarah Van Mosel, Stitcher’s Chief Revenue Officer, as she looked to the audience. 

Drengler and Van Mosel were joined on stage by Bruce Supovitz, SVP of Audio Services for Nielsen, for a session titled, “Getting Podcast Measurement Right.” Held on March 4, Stitcher was a presenting partner of the Podcast Business Summit.

Both Drengler and Supovitz confirmed that they have seen major upticks in the amount of podcast business that their companies have taken on, with Supovitz going so far as to say that, “podcasting is red hot at Nielsen.” Podcasts, he explained, have, “gone mainstream in the media, and [Nielsen] wants to be the company that measures total audience.”

Along the same line, Drengler attested that it was a “natural extension to take Barometric’s audio [measurement] properties and put them into podcasting.” Claritas acquired Barometric in November 2018.

For those concerned about listener privacy, Supovitz offered reassurances that “privacy is not an issue.” Both companies are complying with all appropriate laws and regulations and Drengler confirmed that Claritas relies on a “passive collection of data,” mapping “IP addresses linked to an audience graph,” rather than personally identifiable information.

Though both services might seem like competitors, according to Supovitz, Nielsen and Claritas offer complementary services. “The two are effective in very different ways.” In fact, through Scarborough’s qualitative research methods, Nielsen has been able to collect demographic and psychographic information from listeners and can mine the data to help clients “better understand the profile of [their] consumer” before launching a campaign. Meanwhile, Claritas provides a robust post-campaign tool that allows buyers to measure which ad placements drove the most incremental response from the audience in order to “identify what worked and what didn’t work,” Drengler said.

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