Podcast Ads Aren’t Crowded Like Radio

Radio has a term for when the music or talk program stops and the commercials start–it’s called a “stop set.” The length varies by station and time of day, but the average stop set lasts three and a half minutes, and the average station airs nine minutes of commercials per hour.

And those stop sets are crowded. As anyone who’s ever listened to radio knows, there can be anywhere from three to six, or more, commercials lined up, back-to-back. If you buy radio ads that means your spot is most likely positioned right next to another one, or maybe getting lost, sandwiched in between several spots. In the worst cases your competitor’s ad can be heard soon after yours.

We take a very different approach in podcasting. We’re not trying to cram in as many ads as possible. In fact, most podcasts include between one to five advertisers per episode (not per hour). That gives the hosts more time to dedicate to your ad, and more time for listeners to absorb your message.

We also don’t have anything called a stop set. That’s because the shows don’t stop. Hosts are the people reading ads, smoothly integrating them into the show. There aren’t abrupt changes in tone or sudden blasts of music. Many hosts also like to have fun with the ads, making listeners smile while they’re learning about your brand.

About Commercial Radio Stop Sets

That’s why podcast ads are more engaging than radio–two to three times more engaging, in fact.

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