For politics, with a side of laughter, we have the Majority Report

The Majority Report is a successful, award-winning daily podcast that has its roots in radio that recently joined the Midroll line-up. It’s hosted by political comedian and talk show host Sam Seder who brought the show to podcasting in 2010 after its original broadcast run on the Air America network.

Fans of Marc Maron may know that he worked with Seder on the Breakroom Live video webcast just prior to launching WTF.

This daily show has a smart and dedicated political-junkie fan base who listen for loose but in-depth interviews with top authors, economists, and journalists.

We have another great political podcast that falls a little more in the non-partisan, public radio mold. Decode DC is hosted by former NPR correspondent Andrea Seabrook. The show’s mission is to help Americans understand how political issues affect everyday life.

Decode DC is really a hidden gem. The vast majority (82%) of the show’s listeners are college educated, 53% have household incomes of $75,000 or more, and 73% have bought a product or service advertised on a podcast.

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