Podcasts Deliver Purchase Lift and Strong Recall for Major National Brands

In 2018 Midroll commissioned and completed eleven podcast ad effectiveness studies from Nielsen, evaluating campaigns across eight major national brands. We found that podcast ads deliver significant lift in purchase intent, along with brand recall that outperforms digital display ads by as much as 4.4x.

These results are summarized in a press release and infographic, below.

We also completed case studies for two campaigns: one leading national consumer packaged good and one national soft drink brand. These case studies take a deep dive into how podcasts help consumers remember key brand statements, in turn driving significant lifts in purchase intent.

Press Release:

Podcast advertising generates up to 4.4x better brand recall than other digital media ads

Nielsen study commissioned by Midroll finds that blue-chip brands in several categories see significant increase in consumers’ brand recall and intent to purchase after advertising on podcasts

Case Studies in Podcast Ad Effectiveness:

Leading National Consumer Packaged Good

National Soft Drink Brand

Infographic: Podcast Ad Brand Lift

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