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We want you to focus on what you do best: Creating a great podcast. Let us match advertisers with your show. You keep control: You decide how many ads your show will have, and you approve the advertisers. We handle the rest.

Here’s what our happy podcasters say about Midroll:

WTF / Marc Maron

"We've made a lot of decisions over the course of more than 500 episodes of WTF, but one of the easiest was choosing Midroll. They're the best at what they do and it only made sense for us to team up with the best."

The Art of Wrestling / Colt Cabana

"Midroll knows how to match a podcast with a podcast-friendly advertiser. That’s the most important part. They’re excellent at it."

Never Not Funny / Jimmy Pardo

"Love working with Midroll. We run our mouths, they sell the ads, we cash the checks. Couldn't be easier."

Comedy Bang Bang / Scott Aukerman

"Having Midroll book the ads on Comedy Bang! Bang! means I can stay focused on the show, and remain ever vigilant for our surprise guests."

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