Podcast Fans Are “Super Listeners” According to Edison Research

Podcast listeners spend 30% more time consuming audio per day than the national average. They also spend more than a quarter of their audio listening time (25.9%) with podcasts, just slightly less time than with AM/FM radio (27.5%), but still more than their own music, internet radio, or any other audio source. That’s according to the Share of Ear study conducted by Edison Research, as highlighted in a recent blog post and webinar.

That extra listening time is why Edison calls the podcast audience “super listeners,” arguing that, “podcasting is bigger than you think.” The webinar also mentions that podcast listeners are better educated and have higher household incomes than the national average. That conclusion is certainly consistent with our own listener survey data.

While nearly 2% of all audio listening is spent with podcasts, Edison also points out that,

“It is not small. Certainly, as a ‘share’ of audio, you can compare it to the share of a popular television show and see straight away that we are talking about significant consumption.”

In terms of total audience Edison says that 13 million people listen to podcasts on a given day, while 39 million listen every month. And podcasting is growing–especially compared to broadcast radio–as the medium becomes even more accessible in cars, at work and other places where using a smartphone or computer is easier and more convenient than tuning in radio.

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