About Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising is a digital audio platform reaching 73 million* educated, affluent and mobile listeners every month, who are open to hearing your brand’s message. The most effective podcast ads are voiced by the hosts themselves, in their own words and style. Listeners pay attention and remember what they hear.

As the industry leader in podcast advertising we at Midroll have developed a strong base of knowledge and best practices. In this FAQ we share this guidance, which is intended to help you understand this powerful medium and how to use it most effectively.

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*According to Edison Research’s 2018 Infinite Dial report.

How Do I Buy Podcast Ads?

Buying podcast ads with an agency like Midroll gives you access to hundreds of different shows, across most categories, reaching a wide variety of audience sizes and demographics. We can help you include multiple shows in a campaign, accurately targeting the right listeners.

Look at our roster of more than 300 top shows that are exclusively available through Midroll, then contact us to begin booking your campaign. Or, just go ahead and contact us first and let one of our experts help select the right shows and be your guide for a powerful campaign.

What are typical podcast advertising rates?

Podcast ads are a premium platform that demands premium rates. They are priced on a CPM model, based on the number of certified downloads an episode receives. Prices can range from a $18 to $50 CPM, and the highest-performing shows can cost more.

Learn more about spot position (like “pre-roll” and “mid-roll”) and tips for choosing the best spot position.

How Are Podcasts Measured?

Ad impressions are measured by downloads: how many times an episode that contains an ad is downloaded. The download count is first-party data reflecting observable user behavior. Midroll ensures the integrity of this measure by working only with podcast hosting and measurement services that use industry standard methods.

Learn more about podcast metrics in our Frequently Asked Questions about Measuring Podcast Ads.

How Are Podcast Ads Different from Radio Commercials?

Podcasts have a much lower ad load (ads per hour) than radio, which averages 9 minutes per hour, containing 9 to 18 spots. This means on a podcast your message doesn’t get lost in a long “stop set” of multiple commercials like they do on radio.

The best podcast ads are voiced live by hosts, in their own words. This makes ads well integrated into shows, keeping listeners engaged rather than encouraging them them to tune out. It also means that podcast ads are fresh and original, rather than boring and repetitive like pre-recorded radio commercials.

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