The Partially Examined Life Podcast Adds Philosophy to Midroll’s Roster

Philosophy doesn’t have to be only for stuffy books and boring, difficult journal articles. In fact, philosophy can be engaging and accessible. Wouldn’t that be a great subject for a podcast?

That’s why we’re happy to add The Partially Examined Life to the Midroll roster. It’s a podcast by four guys who once were set on doing philosophy for a living but then thought better of it.

The show has a five-star rating on iTunes with more than 580 reviews because the hosts take a down-to-earth approach to the topic that appeals to smart and inquisitive listeners.

On each episode, the hosts pick a philosophical text and chat about it with some balance between insight and flippancy. It’s like meeting up for beers to share in the love of philosophy without having to be a professional philosopher. So, no philosophical expertise or knowledge is required to follow and enjoy the discussion.

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