New Earwolf Show Takes on ‘Real Housewives’

Earwolf’s newest show takes on reality TV the way only Earwolf can. Bitch Sesh: a Real Housewives Breakdown Show is hosted by Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider, both stars of Hulu’s ‘Real Housewives’ parody, ‘The Hotwives of Las Vegas.’

This weekly 10-episode series launched December 2, the day after season 6 of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ debuted. Each episode will have two pre-rolls, three mid-rolls, and on post-roll.

On Bitch Sesh the hosts dish on the Real Housewives’ wildest moments this season. They will also answer listeners’ burning Housewives questions, and bring on special guests like June Diane Raphael (Hulu’s ‘Grace and Frankie,’ How Did This Get Made?). Listeners won’t want to miss Wilson’s and Schneider’s irreverent takes on last night’s Housewives action.

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