‘Murder Squad’ Breaks the True Crime Mold

Listen, true crime podcasts are everywhere now and frankly, it’s hard to tell many of them apart. “Murder Squad” stands out from the crowd.

The show combines two veteran sleuths: Billy Jensen, a journalist with bylines for Rolling Stone and the New York Times, and Paul Holes, the retired detective who helped track down the Golden State Killer suspect. It promises to be the true crime show that we have all been searching for, one that revels in facts, crowdsourcing and ultimately an attempt to bring these cases to a close. Using a multifaceted approach in solving these crimes, the hosts will bring listeners along for the ride.

Working with the Exactly Right Network (“My Favorite Murder”), this show is already reaching a very engaged audience, reaching the very top of the charts. Time is of the essence to get into this new hit show. Please reach out.

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