Midroll’s Got Game (Podcasts)

Gaming is hot, and we have a growing line-up of video game podcasts that tackle the topic from multiple angles. These shows have wildly loyal audiences with disposable income they spend on entertainment, electronics and gadgets.

Creature Talk is an audio and video podcast new to Midroll, featuring staff of the Creature Hub YouTube and Twitch channels chewing on the latest gaming news, and so much more.

Giant Bombcast is the signature podcast from the respected video game site Giant Bomb, which takes on the latest releases and industry news with personality.

Idle Thumbs brings together five friends with jobs in the video game world to record an after-work conversation about games and the industry.

Machinima is a multi-channel network focused on the wildly popular genre of real-time gaming videos, along with other gaming content. There are four Machinima video shows on the Midroll roster paired with host-read ads and on-screen ad cards.

Steam Roulette features the hosts making random selections from the enormous inventory of games on the Steam online store, then playing the sometimes interesting and occasionally bizarre choices.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay is what it sounds like, as the hosts explore the weird, glitchy and unexpected world of GTA Online.

Machinima’s Q&A  is an irreverent show where hosts answer audience questions.

Inside Gaming discusses video games, while actually playing them.

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