Midroll’s Exclusive White Paper Will Supercharge Your Podcast

Are you ready to supercharge your podcast?

Download our free white paper: “Midroll Uncovers The Surprising Secrets of Successful Podcasters.”

This guide is full of tips and thoughtful advice that will be useful for aspiring and experienced podcasters alike. We put this together because we want to support and encourage podcasters like you to grow this medium by helping create, promote and make money from great shows.

Here at Midroll we work with some of the most successful and listened-to podcasts in the industry. This white paper is based upon the road-tested insight gained from launching the Earwolf and Wolfpop networks of more than 35 chart-topping podcasts, combined with successfully monetizing over 200 leading shows.

“The Surprising Secrets of Successful Podcasters” also features some of the smartest, real-world cases and advice from top hosts and producers interviewed on Earwolf’s The Wolf Den, the only podcast about the business of the medium. These interviews include admired podcasters like Aisha Tyler (Girl on Guy), Neil deGrasse Tyson (StarTalk Radio), Tim Ferris (The Tim Ferris Show), and Alex Blumberg (StartUp Podcast / Gimlet Media). We combine this with guidance from Midroll’s own experts, including Wolfpop curator Paul Scheer (How Did This Get Made?), Podcast Developer Matt Gourley (I Was There Too), and Senior Producer Gretta Cohn.

When you’re ready, Midroll is here to help you monetize your show by matching you with great advertisers who are a good fit. Check out our revenue calculator which will give you a real-world estimate of potential gross annual income. Then, get in touch to learn more.

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