Keys To Success: Hosts and Copy

Because we at Midroll focus exclusively on podcasts we’ve learned what contributes to a campaign’s success. Keeping in mind that every campaign is different and that every show is unique, we have road-tested tips and advice that apply to nearly every advertiser.

Make the Host Your Advocate

The podcast host is your advocate, ambassador, and endorser. You want the host to know and understand your product well, so that he’s invested in your success.

Often, our hosts are able to try out your product or service before a campaign begins. That’s not always possible, and we can’t guarantee it, but frankly our hosts love being able to speak from personal experience.

“It’s little bit hard to believe that a sock could be that much better. So a podcast ad really gives you the implication of the host’s buy-in, where the host says, ‘I’m wearing these socks. They’re the best ever, and I never want to wear anything else.’ And it becomes a little bit more like a friend recommendation than a Facebook ad.”
-Kate Huyett, Bombas Socks

If a product trial is not possible or practical, do be sure to provide clear product information. Personalize this information, making sure hosts know what the most important features, benefits, and messages are. Sometimes we can arrange a conversation with the host to make sure all questions are answered. In any case, Midroll’s sales staff and artist care experts will work with you to tailor materials and make sure hosts get what they need.

Write Great Ad Copy

Copy is where the rubber meets the road. It’s also the map the hosts will use to create their unique ad read, tailored to your campaign.

Keep in mind that podcast ad reads are not like typical radio commercials. (And that’s why we like them, right?) Many hosts don’t read ads verbatim, but rather use your key message points as a launching pad to tell their listeners about your product or brand in their own particular style.

“When the podcast hosts give a little personal anecdote or story, that really helps to drive traffic.”
-Yev Pusin, Backblaze

We like to provide hosts with either traditional ad copy or bullet points that address your key messages. In general, we prefer bullet points so that the host can make the spot his or her own, but if you need to tightly control your message a full script is fine.

Copy should be clearly written and easy to read aloud–this also applies to your bullet points. Test it by reading it aloud and asking others to read it aloud too. Sentences should be short and simple, not long and full of dependent clauses. If your product or brand name has a unique, foreign, or non-standard spelling or pronunciation, then provide a pronunciation guide.

“You’re not pitching 150 words. You’re telling a story…”
-Marko Savic, Igloo Software

While it’s important to give your copy due attention, don’t stress out. Your Midroll sales representative will help you with your copy and bullet points. We’ve done this hundreds of times before, and we’re invested in your success. After you’ve written some successful ad copy, you’ll be an expert too.

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