Everything You Need to Know: Metrics, Demographics, and Pricing

Metrics: Understanding Downloads

The most important metric in podcasting is the download, which is equivalent to a cumulative rating (“cume”) in radio or television. It’s also easy to understand–it’s how many times an episode of a podcast was downloaded.

Downloads are not statistical estimates. Unlike audience ratings, every responsible podcast producer and agency knows exactly how many times an episode was downloaded. Midroll maintains the integrity of this measurement by working only with podcast hosting and measurement services that use industry standard methods to ensure the accuracy of their reports.

“The one thing we have over radio is real numbers.” –Marc Maron, WTF with Marc Maron

Audience Demographics

Audience-Demographics_314607815Midroll leads the industry in surveying the listeners of our 300+ shows to give advertisers not just download numbers, but specific demographic data for every podcast. We know how audiences break down by age, gender, education, and household income. We also ask about buying habits, allowing us to match advertisers to shows with listeners who spend on categories like nutritional supplements, home entertainment, or even gluten-free foods.

All our demographic data is available to advertisers in our industry-first web app, where you can search for shows by demographic datapoints, or view overall audience data. Get a taste of this information in our visual white paper: http://awesome.midroll.com

91% of Midroll advertisers think our listener demographic data is useful for targeting.4

We’re always happy to help you use this data to find the shows that best fit your campaign objectives.

Pricing: Understanding CPM

All Midroll podcast ads are priced on a cost-per-thousand downloads model, or CPM. For instance, with a $25 CPM, a spot on a show with 10,000 downloads per episode costs $250; with 100,000 downloads, it’s $2500.

Midroll Advertisers Only Pay for Actual Downloads

Because you’re buying ads in advance, we use download forecasts that are based upon the show’s recent performance. We strive to keep our forecast accurate and are conservative about raising forecasts.

If, after your ad runs, it turns out that the actual number of downloads for that episode is higher than the forecasted quote, you still pay that original quoted price. In the extremely rare circumstance that a show under-delivers on downloads, we’ll make it right.

Midroll’s Forecasts Are Guarantees

We believe that your podcast ad network should bear all responsibility for the accuracy of forecasts, not you—and you shouldn’t accept any other arrangement.

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