Why Podcasts Are Great

Podcasting is one of the most talked-about forms of modern entertainment, because it combines the advantages of on-demand digital media and mobile in a format that is singularly intimate.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider advertising on podcasts:

1. Podcasts are on-demand.

Listeners consume them on their own schedule, without being confined to a broadcast grid.

2. Listeners binge-listen.

88% of Midroll podcast listeners say they listen to most or every episode of a podcast they subscribe to.1

Edison Research says the typical podcast listener consumes on average six shows per week.2 And we expect that number to keep growing.

3. Podcasts are the most mobile media.

Shows are consumed anytime and everywhere, especially in places and during activities where text, video, and other visual content isn’t possible.

Our listener survey shows that podcast fans listen while on public transportation (37%), in the car (52%), while exercising (40%), at work (45%), and when relaxing at home (89%).1 Edison says 65% of the podcast audience primarily listens on a mobile device.2

4. Podcasts foster an intimate listening experience.

Most shows are consumed privately using headphones, with hosts talking directly to attentive listeners, and minimal distractions or interruptions. As a result, listeners come to know and trust their favorite hosts.

5. Podcast consumers are a great demographic.

Podcast listeners are educated: 51% have a four-year college degree. They are affluent: 41% have household incomes over $75,000, and 52% of persons with a household income over $100,000 have listened to a podcast.3

6. The podcast audience is large and still growing.

According to Edison Research’s 2017 Share of Ear survey, 67 million Americans listened to a podcast in the last month, a 17.5% increase over 2016.

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