Midroll Welcomes ‘Open Run,’ the 1st Podcast on the Uninterrupted Network

The distributed media platform Uninterrupted today launched its first podcast, “Open Run.” We are happy to announce the show has joined the Midroll roster.

The show makes its network debut with NBA superstar LeBron James as its first guest. “Open Run” is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by actor and activist Jesse Williams (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Brooklyn’s Finest”) and writer/musician Stefan Marolachakis (ESPN, Nylon) that creates a forum for athletes and other notable sports and entertainment figures to have in-depth discussions on the engaging and timely topics that transcend sports and culture today.

“As our first podcast partner, ‘Open Run’ really takes the Uninterrupted Network to a whole new level,” said Devin C. Johnson, General Manager of Uninterrupted. “To take this premiere podcast where we wanted it to go and make sure it hit the right audiences, it was important that we worked with the right partner. For us, Midroll was that right fit and we’re excited to continue working with the best as ‘Open Run’ takes off on Uninterrupted.”

The AV Club said of the show, “This right here is precisely what the world of basketball podcasting has needed for some time.”

After the premiere new episodes of “Open Run” release every other Monday beginning August 29. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Contact us today to learn how to advertise on “Open Run.”

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