Midroll Study: Podcasts Ads Drive Robust Brand Recall & Intent to Buy

Today Midroll releases a brand recall study that demonstrates the singular power of podcasts to build strong relationships between audiences and brands. A 3-page white paper titled “Podcast Ads Build Strong Relationships with Brands” details how podcast advertising results in robust brand recall and a strong intent to buy advertised products.

This infographic summarizes the most spectacular results:

Podcast Listeners Have Spectacular Brand Recall: 90% of listeners said they listened to the ads of the brand advertised in the campaign; 80% were able to name at least one brand advertised in a podcast episode; 67% were able to name a specific product feature or promotion from the campaign; 51% said they were somewhat or much more likely to buy from the campaign advertiser

The study also found that a brand’s relationship with listeners grows stronger with continued exposure. Campaigns that ran ad spots on at least three episodes of a podcast resulted in 39% greater recall than one that ran an ad spot on just one episode.

Download the white paper to get the full results and learn why podcast ads are a smart investment for brands of all sizes. Then get in touch to let Midroll’s podcast ad experts assemble the best campaign for your brand or product.

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