Midroll Shows Named in Slate’s 25 Best Podcast Episodes

As part of the publication’s “special issue” on podcasting, Slate writers David Haglund and Rebecca Onion have named “The 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever.”

There are some truly classic choices on their list, such as The Ricky Gervais Show (season 1, episode 7), 99% Invisible’s episode dedicated to “The Sound of the Artificial World,” and, not surprisingly, the first episode of Serial, which kicked off many a new podcast obsession this year. We’re so pleased to see four shows from the Midroll roster included amongst such esteemed company.

The Read’s 2013 episode “Say No To F**k Boys!” was selected as #21, in which co-host Crissle lets loose a rant about “weak men of bad faith who betray, manipulate, and mess with women.”

It’s only logical that podcasting super-guest Paul F. Tompkins is on the Comedy Bang Bang episode that’s at #17 on the list, along with Bobby Moynihan. “Time Bobby” is also a fan favorite, following the tale of “A precocious orphan with a heart of gold and a love for musical theater meets a living legend of Broadway. Such is the story of Fourvel and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, an unlikely pair who met,” on this episode.

Episode 109 of Savage Lovecast is at #14 on the list. The show was recorded in 2008 just after California’s Proposition 8 passed, banning same-sex marriage in that state, featuring both a sharp rant from Dan Savage and listener calls. Slate’s Brian Lowder says, “And that feeling of community, of not being alone with your fears or problems or disappointments, is why I keep tuning in all these years later.”

Finally, a spoiler alert: WTF with Marc Maron comes it at #1. The very best episode is technically a 2-parter, featuring an interview with comedian Louis CK in 2010.

Mike Pesca, host of Slate’s The Gist podcast, talked with Maron about this episode, which actually functioned as a reconnection and reconciliation, of sorts, between two old friends.

Haggling and Onion say they chose it because it

“is one of the best interviews you’ll ever hear, providing genuine insight into the mind and career of one of the world’s great comics, as well as thoughtful meditations on success, failure, friendship, and fatherhood. On top of all that, this episode, for someone who’s listened to a lot of podcasts, feels almost like a coming-of-age moment for the form.”

Congratulations to all the fantastic shows on the list, and thanks to Slate writers for listening to all these podcasts!

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